The Good Deed


Twenty-five munchkins, three $10 gift cards and a shot of espresso. Those were the items I needed to purchase that morning before work. As I walked through the door there were already a few people being waited on. An obvious busy morning for them. A woman came through the door and stood behind me. I’m thinking I will let her go in front of me if she is only getting a single cup of coffee. Whereas I am picking out munchkin flavors and getting gift cards activated, I’m thinking, let her grab her coffee and run… So, I ask her, “Are you just getting a coffee?” She replies with “Yes and a breakfast sandwich for my husband”. I tell her to go ahead of me because I have a few things I’m purchasing. I feel good about my good deed.

Then here is where a cup of coffee and a sandwich turns into a chain of events that almost had me second guess my good deed. SO, the cup of coffee had lots of special side twists. Supersonic extra melted sugar, caramel swirls, splash of nonfat dairy soy. Oh my. The sandwich, a croissant with sausage, egg and extra cheese. She hands the cashier her phone and a $20 because she was recharging a card with the cash and paying the bill with the phone. “To get the perks”! This is what she tells me as she hands the cashier her phone. Didn’t sound like a simple order of coffee any more and the cashier was just not pushing the right buttons on the register to give this woman what she was asking for.

Now we have 3 employees at the register and the woman in front of me explaining for the 4th time what she is trying to do. In my head I’m thinking if there is another shop enroute to work because this is no longer a quick stop and I still didn’t get my munchkins, gift cards nor my espresso shot. I am thinking about time and how I’m going to be late for work. And oh my goodness is this really happening? I’m also thinking that my order would have been much quicker.

As I stand in line; my mind is starting to go into overdrive thinking about all the other things I could be getting done right now. I should have just placed my order when it was my turn and went about my day.

Aside from my many thoughts and the fiasco taking place in front of me, I thought about my reaction to all of this. What was I feeling? How we chose to react to a situation or a conversation is ultimately what directs our future or daily mind set. I asked myself “Am I going to allow this situation to get me frustrated or stressed”?

Then I thought, wait, it’s actually all ok. I am where I am supposed to be at this moment in time. It started off with a nice gesture to let someone go in front of me. I’d like to keep that positive, giving,energy flowing. The cashier might have learned a new task that morning, the woman who went in front of me enthusiastically shared with me her future shopping plans with her mom as she waited for her order to be completed. Eventually, more cashiers gathered around to help take orders. By the end of my transactions I felt great. I had no regrets letting this stranger go in front of me and I was happily on my way with three $10 gift cards, twenty five munchkins and my well-deserved espresso shot!