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Cindy Stabile

"Working with Bev has been a transformational experience for me! Her direct, no nonsense approach was delivered with such compassion, keeping me on track with my action plan. Bev was my biggest cheerleader and also my gentle nudge when I needed it. Bev is not only great with goal setting; she’s amazing at ‘hearing’ what is not said …her intuition is spot on! I would, and have, recommended Bev to anyone seeking a Coach, who will partner with them to transform their thinking and moving them into action.”

Stephanie Tavares

“I have known Bev for over two years now and she is a constant inspiration to me. Her charisma, positivity and passion are such refreshing yet essential traits to find in a life coach. Bev is warm, inviting and above all, a great listener and motivator. I had been thinking for several months about some goals I wanted to attain and knew Bev was just the person to help get me there. For me, saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process. I am currently on my way to achieve my goals! Thank you Bev!”

Jen McDonald

“Bev is the best! She guided me through a career transition and how to handle all the stress and doubt that goes along with it. I have some health issues that worsen when I’m stressed so she gave me the tools I needed to manage the stress and anxiety so I could stay in control of my health. Prior to talking to Bev, I had no experience with coaching so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was even a little skeptical since I am fortunate enough to have supportive friends and family, so why would I need a coach? I quickly learned the value of talking to Bev because she prompted me to explore myself deeply and connect things about myself that I never thought were related. Sometimes her questions were tough and took time for me to answer because I had never thought about it before. It’s almost like guided soul-searching, and I learned a lot about myself. Bev is completely genuine and cares deeply about the successes of other people. She is always encouraging me when I have a hurdle ahead of me and she celebrates my successes with me. Her positivity is never disingenuous or “cheesy” and it definitely rubbed off on me! She helped me learn how to be proud of myself and use those moments of happiness and pride to get me through tough moments. It’s amazing what a difference it makes in everyday life when you’re able to stay positive. I owe it all to Bev."