About Me

"Your Life doesn't get better by CHANCE, Your Life gets better with CHANGE "

                                                                               -Bev Sanzone

Yes these are all words that pretty much describe my life’s experiences. One factor was growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness. This created a world of loneliness, isolation, fear, anxiety and lot of unpredictable. Now add in High school dropout and teen pregnancy. OH BOY!  Needless to say I literally had 30+ years of some hardship, challenges and obstacles.

There is most likely not any issue or experience that I have not had some sort of exposure too. So when I say “I get it” I mean it!!

That was my past and those experiences are what shaped me to be who I am. I was dealt a hand and it was up to me to either play or fold.  I always choose to play and this is my true life now:
I love to live! I have 2 beautiful grown daughters, a yellow lab and black coon cat. I love to vacation in the Caribbean and be anywhere outside where I can feel the sun! I am blessed with many friends and each and every one of them plays a beautiful role in my life.
I enjoy life and I believe everyone deserves to feel and be their best; to be fulfilled in all aspects of their lives. I have a passion to connect and inspire those who wish to seek and find beauty and joy in all aspects of life. I work with people who want to overcome obstacles preventing them from living healthy and happy. Everyone should have the opportunity to be their greatest self and flourish in abundance.
So how did I come across coaching? I am always eager and curious to learn new things. Personal growth has always been to me the most important step in achieving success in every aspect of our existence. And by personal growth, I mean spiritually and studiously. My desire to guide others to improve their circumstances, exhibit confidence, and become their “best” is the same desire that encouraged me to stretch myself and start to do research on coaching. All of a sudden things fell into place and I found IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). I am proud to say that through their diverse and unique curriculum, structural guidance and comprehensive criteria, I have achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Professional Coach. The journey has changed me in so many positive ways.

I want to share what I have experienced so YOU too can enjoy and live YOUR life to the very fullest!

Thank you for this opportunity to work with you on your journey!