My suitcase rested on an old fashioned red sleigh. My sheets were a wilderness camouflage. My room was called the sun room and for good reason. I watched the sun rise over the mountains through a wall of windows each morning. The sun was bright, beautiful and bold peering thru the pine trees that stood tall all around the back yard. No fence to been seen behind the house as the land seemed to go on and on until it disappeared through the hills and trees. In the morning I ate fresh huckleberries. I sipped hot tea as I watched the morning ritual of 6 wild turkeys strutting through the backyard.

I kayaked through Swan River in Big Fork. The water is so crystal clear that it actually took me a bit to get used to being able to see the bottom of the river. To not let my eyes play tricks on me as I glide over a 30 foot log that appears as though will cause my kayak to tip but is really 4 feet below me! Honestly just a whole lot of rocks and logs but beautiful all the same. I did get to witness a baby Doe sneak a drink of water from the river. What a serene experience.

It was an amazing drive up Going-to-the-sun-road in Glacier National Park. There were miles and miles of beautiful valleys and colorful wildflowers. Although it was a warm August day, I could see the snow atop the peak of the many mountains. We hoped we could spot a mountain goat grazing but didn’t have any luck. We pulled over along the way to view the breath taking scenery and listened to the cascading waterfall that splashed down the mountainside. The view of heavens peak in Glacier National Park was a pleasure to experience.

My intentions for my trip to Kalispell were to spend some quality time with a longtime friend and to venture out and embrace the serenity of nature. To quiet my thoughts and to just BE. To explore and experience new sceneries. What I got was exactly what I hoped for.