Leah dog headshot

Stay positive.


As Leah and I are walking towards the car, I reach for my keys and realize they are not in my pocket. Oh, let me mention that we are walking back from a walk on the beach, you know, where there is lots of sand for keys to hide in. I search both pockets again in total disbelief because when I say I NEVER lose my keys or anything for that matter. I mean Never. Did I mention never…. OK OK. I start walking towards the trash can where I just dropped off a poop bag. Thinking could I have tossed them when I tossed the poop? No keys.

Ok I need to retrace my steps. Just walk back the same way we just came. I Search both pockets again as Leah and I walk back towards the beach. I’m thinking oh now who is that saint you pray to when you lose something… Then I start thinking ok universe help me out here. I start my own little mantra asking for all that is good in the world to help me find my keys. I ask random people as I head onto the sand if anyone found a set of keys. No luck. I swear I search both pockets again as if suddenly they’d be back. I start back down the beach repeating the same mantra in my head, for all that is good in the universe help me find my keys. We start walking towards the mini pools of water where I had to chase Leah away from eating fresh horse poop. Could they have fallen out of my pocket then? Why were my pockets even unzipped? A couple walking by with their two dogs offered to help me look. At the same time, the 8 horses that left the treat for Leah start heading our way. Now I have Leah, Oh I forgot to mention yes Leah is my 5 year old yellow lab. In case the poop didn’t give it away. I have Leah in her harness and she is doing flips trying to reach the two dogs and now notices the horses. Leah’s energy level is soaring.

As I am still trying to search for my keys, she is pulling me in the opposite direction and suddenly there is no more pull. Oh, why now.  See Leah, aka Houdini just wiggled out of her harness and is now loose on Hampton beach, with the horses, the two dogs and my keys are still no where in site. I made the conscious choice to stay focused and positive. Thankfully, I am quickly able to get her back in her harness. I start walking away from the water. Still staying focused on trusting the universe. My eyes scanning up and down the sand still repeating the mantra, Leah pulling me to walk faster and there laying so beautifully atop the sun-drenched sand where my keys. The couple cheered, and I thanked them for their help and wished them a fabulous day. The moral of the story is to stay positive and trust in our hearts that the outcome is going to be fine.