Sunday Dinner

"Sunday Dinner" As I begin to gather all the ingredients to make my chicken parmesan I stop for a moment to reflect. I start thinking about all the steps in the process and how I really enjoy making homemade meals for my family. Then I thought, why not write a blog about the meal preparation;


"KINDNESS" With the world so willing to share their lives using tweets and Facebook; updating everyone on everything they do. The one thing that stands out to me is that all of us on any given day are dealing with “SOMETHING”. Your child achieved something – your job sucks – the tragic death of a

Over the Rainbow

"OVER THE RAINBOW" I remember coming home from work one day. It was sometime between July 8 – 10, 1995. My 9 year old daughter Stephanie was visiting some relatives on and off through summer vacation. Thank goodness that she happened to be away on this particular day. I remember walking into my bedroom to


"KALISPELL" My suitcase rested on an old fashioned red sleigh. My sheets were a wilderness camouflage. My room was called the sun room and for good reason. I watched the sun rise over the mountains through a wall of windows each morning. The sun was bright, beautiful and bold peering thru the pine trees that

The Good Deed

THE GOOD DEED Twenty-five munchkins, three $10 gift cards and a shot of espresso. Those were the items I needed to purchase that morning before work. As I walked through the door there were already a few people being waited on. An obvious busy morning for them. A woman came through the door and stood